Our Mission

To improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities.

Our Vision

A community working together to make life better for everyone.

Our Community Investments

United Way of Ponca City invests resources to address the most important needs in our community by partnering with new and existing programs that produce measurable, effective results.

The Case for Change

Our transformation to community impact brings more powerful and relevant solutions to our community’s social problems.An important dimension of the change is strategy. We’re bringing these solutions to scale by discovering, developing, learning and applying the best ideas about strengthening our community to improve lives.Simply moving dollars around between programs- even with the best needs assessment, the best outcomes process and the best agencies- is not enough to create the kind of significant, sustained change in conditions that our community and the people in it want to see.

United Way of Ponca City has a vision of what we want to accomplish in our community. We are engaging community partners to collaborate in an effort to alleviate the underlying issues that plague our community.

Community Impact Goals

Every year United Way of Ponca City conducts an annual campaign to generate resources for our community. These resources are invested in Ponca City through a volunteer review process.

Trained volunteers distribute funds to programs focused on meeting the goals in three Community Impact Areas.



  • School Readiness
  • Early Grade Success
  • Middle School Success
  • High school graduation
  • Families Sustaining Employment:
  • Income Supports
  • Savings and Assets
  • Manageable Expenses
  • Affordable Housing
  • Basic Needs
  • Children and adults have affordable and equitable health care
  • Youth and adults live a healthy lifestyle
  • Children and adults are safe from violence and disaster
  • Seniors and persons with disabilities are able to stay in the home of their choice
  • Seniors and persons with disabilities are provided activities to keep them engaged in their community