“Drug Store” Returns to Ponca City

An arrest on drug charges, a court appearance and sentencing, a counseling session, a drug overdose resulting in a fatal trip to the emergency room, followed by a sad funeral for the latest young casualty in the "war on drugs". This is a series of events that every family prays they will never have to face. It is also a list of scenes students will see at "Drug Store 2019". The program is an interactive educational drama utilizing community professionals to dramatically re-create scenes based on true life drug abuse. The players in this drama will be made up of Police Officers, Lawyers, Judges, Counselors, Firemen, Medical Personnel and Ministers who are all too often forced to play out the same scenes in real life.

“Unlike most performances, entertaining the audience is not the goal of Drug Store 2019”, says Brian Hermanson, Kay/Noble County District Attorney. "Our intent is to take area students on a journey which will teach them the deadly truth about drug abuse. I see first-hand the affects from drug use in our communities.”

Drug Store 2019 is scheduled to take place at Connect Church on April 29th – May 3rd during regular school hours. The program will be presented to 1700 students in grades 5th, 6th and 7th from Ponca City Public Schools and Public schools in surrounding communities as well as private schools in Ponca City.

Drug Store committee includes, Brian Hermanson, Kay/Noble County District Attorney's Office, Tucker Hodgson, PC Police Dept, Fabron Porter, PC Police Dept., Jerry Burtner, PC Fire Dept., Steve Kelley, Kay County Sheriff Dept., Sean Grigsba, Kay County Sheriff Dept., John Grimes, Kay County Sheriff Dept., Lynn Robinson, Northern Oklahoma Youth Service, Bret Smith, Ponca City Schools, Lori Kelly, Ponca City Schools, Jenny Creech and Malory Scott, Healthy Living Program, Randy Empting, Ponca City Schools, Mark Busch, Connect Church, Tisha York and Trish Creed, Alliance Health, Jessica Short, Community Volunteer, Teresa Smith, UW Board Member, Erica Fetters, Dorada Foods, Fae Rabb, Pioneer Technology Center, Bryanna Lewis, First National Bank of Ok., Krista Urioste and Melissa Young, United Way.

If you would like to volunteer or help support this program please contact Melissa Young or Krista Urioste at 765-2476.